Join 18MR to Resist for 100 Days

An email today from 18MR:

It’s only been six days since Trump took the White House and we’ve already seen Executive Order after Executive Order fulfilling his divisive and unjust campaign promises. Our Congressional leaders have been capitulating on legislation and shocking cabinet appointments. The White House press corps has been lied to and disrespected.

It feels like even some of our dependable allies in power are shortsighted, craven, or, worse, willing to collaborate. We cannot depend on them to represent our interests and values. Instead we must work together to resist.

We’ve always known that social movements aren’t about one election or candidate. They’re about us. A movement is the deep connection and commitment we make while fighting for a better future — one that finally acknowledges that Black Lives Matter, that Indigenous folks deserve the right to water and sacred sites more than companies deserve the “right” to drill for oil, that profiles people based on their faith, and ends the deportations that rip immigrant families apart.

We are committed to our values for the next four years and beyond. We must think of our work not just as a single event or action, but as a practice of freedom, something for sustained personal and movement growth.

Trump has already started to censor and rewrite history for his own benefit: through lies about the “massive voter fraud” at the election, the felony charges against journalists who covered the #DisruptJ20 protests, and the plans to privatize or defund NPR and PBS, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

As a result, it’s increasingly urgent to hold on to the histories we know and live through. Our communities are made up of diverse cultures and histories that have always demonstrated our resistance. Our ancestors teach us a history of resilience.

Because of them, we must center and nurture our own resiliency.

During this administration’s violent first 100 Days, join us in building our own 100 Days of Resistance. Together, let’s use the next 100 days as a frame to develop personal practices that ground, center, and honor who we are — and who we want to be.

How will you develop this daily practice of resistance in the next 100 days? Send us your ideas and reflections, and make a practice pledge. Choose how you want to share them: written, video, or with a selfie.

We’re already collecting practice pledges here, if you need inspiration. Practices can be small or large, public or private. The point is to maintain your practice for Trump’s First 100 days — and ideally beyond.

Together In Struggle,

Oanh-Nhi, Cayden, and Taz
The 18MR Team

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