Asian American Action Fund Endorses Hillary, Cites Unprecendented AAPI Outreach and Input

Statement by the Board of the Asian American Action Fund Democratic PAC

The Asian American Action Fund (AAAF), since its foundation in 1999, has stood for promoting representation at every level of politics. Today we are proud to endorse Hillary Clinton for President. She has a lifetime of experience in breaking down barriers and has championed the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community and our causes.

Hillary Clinton is the strongest presidential candidate for AAPIs. She is also the most favored candidate of the AAPI community – recent in-language polling has the AAPI community supporting her at 62%, far surpassing others. Her time as Secretary of State has brought her to many of the countries that our families come from, enriching her already encyclopedic knowledge of the issues facing our community.

Irene Bueno, AAAF Board Member and former White House appointee stated, “From her advocacy for Filipino veterans’ equity to her knowledge of war-torn Laos, Secretary Clinton’s track record on issues central to the AAPI community is unparalleled.”

For AAPIs who have been in the United States for generations, Secretary Clinton’s emphasis on health care, education, and economic prosperity for all ensures that our community will continue to be heard. Hillary’s campaign has held historic AAPI launch events and engaged AAPIs at all levels of decision-making, a conscious choice that we are sure will continue into her presidency.

AAAF Board Chair Bel Leong Hong emphasized, “Secretary Clinton’s long-term understanding of our community partially derives from her staff. Personnel is policy, and Clinton’s presidential campaign is one of the most diverse in history, with AAPIs in top positions in fundraising, outreach, policy, and as Vice Chair of her campaign.”

Secretary Clinton has always been committed to opening doors and making sure that we make the most of everything our country has to offer. A President Hillary Clinton will keep America safer while respecting the vital importance of welcoming new Americans into our communities. Secretary Clinton has the experience and knowledge to step into the presidency and to run our country on day one. The Asian American Action Fund fully endorses Hillary Clinton for President and encourages AAPIs to vote for Hillary for President.