Chinese Americans for Hillary today officially launched their website ( Below is the message on their homepage. Hope you check the site out! (Special thanks to Yen Chou for sharing this great news!)

Dear Friends,

We are often reminiscent of the time when we were in pursuit of a dream, setting foot on this foreign land across the ocean to what we now call as our second home. In exchange for the blood, sweat, and tears, we worked hard in order to build a place for ourselves and for our families.

2016 is set to be an important and critical year for the Chinese Americans community as our friend, former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is fighting and is poised to win the Democratic Primary, vowing to become a champion for our community and fight for the rights and issues of minorities.

After an in-depth research and careful assessment, we believe that Secretary Clinton’s policies and stances are best suited to the needs of Chinese immigrant communities.

Hillary Clinton appreciates traditional Chinese immigrant values, is a strong supporter of small businesses, believes in a strong investment in education, and recognizes the contributions of Chinese immigrants to American society.

With the support from Hilary for America, we seek to establish a prominent and influential grassroots coalition called “Chinese Americans for Hillary”. The aim of this coalition is to unite and galvanize support from Chinese American communities, representing all professions and walks of life, to accompany Hillary in her journey to the White House.

We sincerely urge that you register to become an integral member of this grassroots coalition. Together, we can think of innovative ways to organize to organize to advance and address the issues that is of great concern to the Chinese-American community and mobilize together in support of Hillary Clinton’s bid to become the next president of the United States.


The Executive Committee
Chinese Americans for Hillary


記得當初我們為了追求夢想,遠渡重洋踏上了這塊土地,在這個第二故鄉,一邊享受著用汗和淚辛勤工作換來的甜美果實,一邊培育著延續我們生命的下一代。今年,2016年是我們華人一個非常關鍵的年代,而今年也將選出新一任的總統。我們的朋友前第一夫人、國務卿、國會參議員希拉里(Hillary Clinton)現正為嬴得民主黨的初選而奮戰,且勝利已在眼前。她誓言成為一個真正為平民百姓、少數族裔爭取權利的鬥士。

經過深入的研究和審慎的評估,我們認為她的政見最適合我們華裔移民的需求,她也最有可能創造歷史,成為美國第一位女總統。於是我們在希拉里競選團隊的支持下,倡議成立一個工作委員會,它的正式名字叫做“Chinese Americans for Hillary”,目的在於團結華人,並有計劃地籌組各行各業後援會堅決支持她,陪伴她一起踏上團結奮鬥的旅程,直到勝利。