KAYA: Filipino Americans for Progress Endorses Hillary


Since its inception in 2009, the members of KAYA have advocated for progressive solutions to issues facing the Filipino American community. We have fought for expanded access to healthcare, the protection of the unfettered right to vote, and a comprehensive solution to our country’s broken immigration system. Additionally, we supported and continue to support political leaders who stand for progressive values and who will be the community’s strongest allies in turning these solutions into meaningful policy.

Hillary Clinton knows the struggles of our community. As senator, she co-sponsored the Filipino Veterans Equity Act and voted for legislation to restore health and pension benefits to Filipino veterans who fought for the U.S. during World War II. She strongly believes in passing comprehensive and humane immigration reform that promotes family unification. As president, Hillary would continue the work President Obama started and fight to preserve access to affordable health care to everyone, especially to the most vulnerable Americans.

“Hillary is the strongest and most qualified presidential candidate in this year’s election,” said Romeo Ymalay, KAYA Co-Chair. “We enthusiastically support her because of her progressive ideals, record in advocating for equal rights of all Americans, and her deep understanding of the issues affecting our community.”

Hillary’s campaign is built on a broad coalition of supporters from diverse ethnic, cultural, and economic backgrounds. She counts the Filipino American community as an integral part of that coalition and has given us an unprecedented seat at the table.

Given the high concentrations of Filipino American voters in battleground states such as Nevada, Virginia and Arizona, our community is poised to make a huge impact in this year’s presidential election. Hillary has stood with us, and we stand with her.

About KAYA: Filipino Americans for Progress: KAYA: Filipino Americans for Progress was founded in January 2009 to build a political infrastructure to ensure that the Filipino American community is represented in the electoral process and governance. KAYA was born from the Filipinos for Obama Campaign during the 2008 Presidential election. KAYA’s mission is to mobilize the Filipino American community and build partnerships to increase our electoral power, advocate policies that affect our community, and develop leaders to represent us at every level of government. http://www.kayagrassroots.org

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