Maryland, Pennsylvania Chinese Communities GOTV Rally

By Yen Chou, Hillary for America AAPI Leadership Council Member

In order to build off the momentum achieved in last Tuesday’s New York primary, members of the Chinese Americans for Hillary in New York traveled to Maryland and Pennsylvania on April 24th and 25th respectively to organize three large-scale GOTV events in the days leading up to the pivotal April 26 Primaries in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

In the span of two days, with the assistance and support from more than 50 community and civic leaders from both states, these events were highly attended by civic and community leaders, business leaders, seniors, and local residents who stand in support and have committed to fight alongside Secretary Clinton in her historic bid to become the first female president in U.S. history.

On April 24th, members of the Chinese Americans for Hillary in New York held a Maryland Chinese Americans for Hillary GOTV Kickoff to boost support and votes for Secretary Clinton, and a day later, April 25th, organized a Pennsylvania Chinese Americans for Hillary GOTV Meet- Up and a GOTV rally at a local senior and community center.

Both Director of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) Outreach for Hillary for America Jason Tengco and Yen Chou, a community and grassroots leader from New York and member of Hillary for America’s AAPI leadership council, spoke to Maryland and Pennsylvania voters of Secretary Clinton’s notable record on AAPI community issues and her vision going forward, calling for increased engagement, mobilization, and turnout of Chinese American voters on election day.

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