AAPI Seniors for Hillary Rally in Flushing

On April 18, AAPI Outreach Director Jason Tengco and Yen Chou, community and grassroots leader and member of Hillary for America’s AAPI Leadership Council, led a group of volunteers to crisscross Downtown Flushing ,visiting various senior centers and community centers to rally and energize support for Secretary Clinton.

Both Mr. Tengco and Ms. Chou encouraged local Asian American seniors to not only vote themselves, but also be part of the outreach efforts and tell their friends and family members to cast their votes in support of Secretary Clinton.

Seniors applauded Secretary Clinton’s proven track record and extensive experience as First Lady, New York Senator, and Secretary of State, fighting for issues of the utmost importance to seniors, such as immigration reform, affordable and quality education and
healthcare, expanding Social Security, and economic development. Mr. Tengco credited Secretary Clinton for strengthening study abroad opportunities between the United States and China.

Wherever they went, they were greeted with a warm and enthusiastic embrace and welcome from seniors who were anticipating Secretary Clinton’s victory tomorrow. During one of the stops, a 102-year-old senior stood up and emphatically stated that tomorrow, early in the morning, I would go out and vote for Hillary Clinton” and encouraged all to do so as thunderous and encouraging shouts and chants of “Hillary, Fight” persisted.

~ Submitted by Yen Chou, Hillary for America AAPI Leadership Council member

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