AAPIs Rally to GOTV in NYC

Photo 5

On Saturday, April 16, community and civic leaders  from the Asian and Pacific Islander communities hailing from  New York and all the way from Maryland, union members from 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers and Workers United, an SEIU Affiliate, small business owners, and New York residents came out in droves  to Lower Manhattan to pledge their commitment and  help elect Secretary Clinton as the  first female president in U.S. history.

Many praised Secretary Clinton’s tireless work ethnic in her efforts fighting for small business growth, comprehensive immigration reform, and affordable and quality education and health care as well as her long-standing support for the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities as First Lady of the United States, Senator from New York, and U.S. Secretary of State.

The organizers and the approximately 200 people in attendance  will continue to stand united and show their unwavering support to organize grassroots GOTV initiatives  across the State of New York to engage and mobilize AAPI voters  and new voters to support Secretary Clinton not only in the days leading up to the April 19th Primary, but throughout the election cycle.

~ Submitted by Yen Chou, Hillary for America AAPI Leadership Council member


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