Farewell and Thank You, Lisa Changadveja!

We just received the following email from Lisa Changadveja, who is leaving her position as the campaign’s AAPI outreach director to join the Colorado Democratic Party. All of us express our deepest thanks to Lisa on her efforts to connect AAPI communities to Hillary’s campaign. Best wishes on the new job, Lisa!


I wanted to share with you a bit of a transition here at Hillary for America. I will be leaving Hillary for America as I have recently accepted a new job at the Colorado Democratic Party. I’ll be working to reunite Democrats behind a common goal of keeping extreme Republicans as far away from elected office and I am really looking forward to this new experience.

HFA will be filling my position with another person committed to this outreach as soon as possible. In the meantime, please email political@hillaryclinton.com with any updates/needs. I have tremendous faith in the campaign’s commitment and ability to continue engaging our community as we move through the rest of the primary and prepare for the general election.

From New York to Nevada, it has been a blast and I’m very proud of the large delegate lead we have acquired for Hillary in the process. I consider you all family and it’s been such an honor to be part of this amazing journey with so many brilliant community leaders from all corners of this nation. I look forward to seeing the wonderful outreach and events that our community will continue to do over these next months!

As we move forward, if there is anything you need ever, please do not hesitate to reach out and I hope you’ll all stay in touch. My personal contact email and social media links are below.

Thank you for everything,

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