Protect Voting Rights, Join the Voter Protection Team


With Super Tuesday right around the corner, the legal team at Hillary for America is looking for attorneys and law students to lend a hand on the campaign’s voter protection team.

In most polling places in the country, voters encounter little problems. But there are far too many locations where Blacks, Latinos and Asian Americans have their voting rights impeded or even blocked.

Hundred of Asian American voters face hostile poll workers making racist comments, have difficulty because of limited English proficiency, or are subject to excessive demands for identification.

The HFA Victory Counsel consists of volunteer lawyers and law students who work on research and writing projects for HFA. As the campaign progresses, the Victory Counsel will work on HFA voter protection efforts.

The HFA Legal Panel consists of volunteer lawyers who provide periodic legal advice to HFA in their specialized practice area.

The campaign will set up with a quick training so you have all the information you need to help out on Primary Day. You might get asked to staff a voter protection hotline, or to be a poll monitor. This is important work that will absolutely make a difference in this election.

Sign up today and help protect the voting rights of AAPIs!

Thank you to Ray Buenaventura for this information.

(Photo by Stephen Velasco/cc/flickr)


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