Help Put this Film on the Screen in SF


UPDATE: At 10 p.m., the film met its threshold of ticket interest and the SF screening is confirmed for next week! There’s still plenty of seats left so I hope you’ll join us!

A Korean independent film is putting the fate of its San Francisco screening in your hands. If 29 more tickets are reserved in the next 24 hours (by Noon on Wed., Sept. 18), the show will go on one week later. If ticket reservations fall short, the screening gets canceled.

LET ME OUT is the first Korean independent film to be released back to back in theaters across Korea and the U.S. The film stars Hyun Sang Kwon (King 2 Hearts, Queen of Ambition) and Kpop star/actress Hee Von Park (Milk).

AMC Van Ness
Wednesday, September 25
7:30 p.m.
Tickets $11.00

Convenience store clerk/film student Muyoung is a university senior who has yet to make a film. He angers a visiting indie film maker who ironically picks Muyoung to receive his donation to the film department. Muyoung finally gets a chance to make his debut: a zombie melodrama. But his inexperience, demands and impatience cause everyone around him to go crazy, turning his project into a nightmare. LET ME OUT is the ultimate tribute to low-budget guerrilla film enthusiasts struggling to create.

Read Variety’s review of the film:

Make this screening happen by reserving your tickets:

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