Irvine-California.  April 12, 2013.  The latest documentary film, Stateless: Vietnamese Long-Stayers in the Philippines (US | Philippines, 2013) by Emmy-winning filmmaker, Đức H. Nguyễn, will receive the SPOTLIGHT AWARD when it World Premieres at the Vietnamese International Film Festival (ViFF), Sunday, April 14, 2013 on Closing Day at UC-Irvine, HIB100, 2-6pm.

STATELESS elucidates the story of 2,000+ forgotten Boat People who were stranded on the islands at the lowest tide of compassion fatigue in the late 1980s and thus, were denied resettlement to the West.  For over 16 years, they lived on the fringes of Filipino society, stripped of their civil rights.  By 2005, the asylum seekers were given a final chance to find “home” when U.S. immigration officials returned one last time to review their cases —the end result of 8 long years of lobbying by a maverick refugee rights lawyer, Hội Trịnh, from…

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