Paul “PK” Kim Reflects on President Obama

Paul “PK” Kim is a comedian, artist, and founder of Kollaboration, an Asian Pacific Islander entertainment movement nonprofit. He posted this on his Facebook profile. It’s reprinted here verbatim without his permission, but hopefully with his blessing.

Congratulations to President Obama on his second term after a tight race. MUCH more work to do and I hope he really opens eyes his second term. No more excuses. Now that he doesn’t have to campaign, time to truly humble himself and be Obama the public servant, not Obama the hip star. The power is in serving others, not ruling others. Jesus lived that. Mother Theresa and Gandhi lived that. And for the most part, I see Obama exemplifies that. Only God knows.

I gained respect for Mitt Romney. He was the best candidate for the Republican Party. He had a goal and went for it with everything he had. I thought he would have done a good job, but I think Obama will do better. I hope he does better. Mitt grew up with a silver spoon, his father was a politician, and he was a career politician. Would he have created more jobs for our country? Possibly. And that’s definitely one of the most important issues for our country moving forward.

Mitt might have won if he didn’t make confusing comments about minorities, women, and the poor. It seemed like he just wanted to win the presidency and didn’t genuinely care about certain groups of people. Maybe he does, but we won’t know.

What we do know is that President Obama has no more excuses. He has his second term.

But its not about what he’s going to do.

What are we going to do? What are we personally doing to make this country better?

Blame Obama for everything that goes wrong?

There is no heaven on earth but there are pure moments. When you go for your dreams and goals and it becomes real. When your parents say they’re proud of you. When you study hard and get that degree. When you fall in love. When you sacrifice your time for others. When your child is born. When you adopt a child. When your child says an honest prayer. When your child performs on stage. When your child graduates. When you attend a funeral and learn more about life there than any other moment. When someone believes in you.

My dad came to this country in the 60’s with a literally a few hundred dollars in his pocket and he and my mom raised five of us. He taught us to work hard and dream big. He was a staunch conservative Republican his entire life and bashed Democrats. My entire family, including everyone in Korea, are hard core Republicans, except my older sister Esther and wife’s family hard core Republicans.

There was a time my dad said, America will NEVER vote for a black president. He was wrong and I respect my dad much more than Obama. I don’t know Obama. But I knew my dad.

What I do know is that Obama overcame MUCH more to get where he is now than Mitt Romney. Not even close.

Let’s stop blaming everything on one person. Let’s do what some people say will never happen. Dream the biggest dream you could possibly dream and make it happen. That’s what America is about. That’s why the first settlers came here. That’s why our parents sacrificed everything to come here. And yes, its for money, prestige, a good job, house, all that. I want all that. But when we die, we leave here with NOTHING. Just memories and pure moments.

Basically what I’m saying is, go to KOLLABORATION’s 2012 grand finale show on Friday Nov. 16 and enjoy a pure moment! Make this country a better place!!! LOL #DreamBig !


  1. Carly. Lewis says:

    Please respect the office of the President. It’s Mr. Obama or Mr. President also President Obama. As you stated in your blog you don’t know him but you can show proper protocol when addressing a head of state and America’s Commander in Chief. Thank you sir and Kindest Regards.


    1. Thank you for your comment. Paul refers to “President Obama” at least twice in the piece. It’s clear he respects both the man and the office.


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