First Asian American Serial Killer Movie Begins Crowd-Fundraising Drive

The filmmakers responsible for the hit independent film, The People I’ve Slept With, are joining together again to make Chink, the first Asian American serial killer movie. It is the directorial debut of Stanley Yung, the film is written by Koji Steven Sakai and produced by Stanley, Koji, and Quentin Lee. The film stars Jason Tobin (Better Luck Tomorrow and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift) and Eugenia Yuan (Memoirs of a Geisha and The Eye 2).

They are hoping to raise at least ten thousand dollars to cover production expenses on USA Projects, created by United States Artists to expand its mission of investing in America’s finest artists. They plan on beginning production in the spring of 2012.

Chink is about an Asian American man who has internalized the racism he felt as a child and turned it into a hatred of all Asians – including himself. His anger and his desire to be like his hero (Ted Bundy) leads him to violence and ultimately to his dream of becoming the greatest serial killer in history.

The production team of Stanley Yung, Koji Steven Sakai and Quentin Lee have produced more than a half-dozen independent motion pictures. Their films have been exhibited on television, in theaters, and at major festivals such as AFI, São Paulo, Golden Horse in Taiwan, Toronto, and most of the Asian American and LGBT film festivals throughout the world.

USA Projects is a community where America’s finest artists and those that love and support them can share their latest work, discover new artists, enter into a dialog with each other, and make direct donations (of any size, all of which are tax deductible) to new projects created by each artist. This is the first website that allows direct public donations between art patrons and accredited artists on the Internet.

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Source: Press release via Koji Steven Sakai