Need Your Help: Time Running Out on Judge Ed Chen’s Nomination

As you may know, Judge Edward Chen was nominated to the federal district court in San Francisco by President Obama in August, 2009. His nomination has been now pending for nearly one year — he is the longest waiting judicial nominee under this administration. Despite being highly qualified, Judge Chen has been unfairly subjected to delay and obstruction.

More than 1,800 of you from across the country signed letters in support of Judge Chen — and this demonstration of support has made a difference.

But time is running out. It is important that Judge Chen be confirmed by the Senate before the August recess which could start the first week of August. Once again, we ask your support in urging the Senate leadership to schedule a vote on Judge Chen’s confirmation.

If you’ve already signed a letter of support for Judge Chen, please forward this email and ask others to visit to sign the support letter. If you haven’t signed a letter, please visit Signing the letter online takes only a few minutes.

Judge Chen’s nomination is important. He would be the first Chinese American ever to serve on the district court that serves the diverse San Francisco Bay Area. And Judge Chen has a long history of public service and commitment to justice:

  • Judge Chen represented Fred Korematsu in Fred’s historic suit overturning his WWII conviction for refusing to comply with the Japanese internment order;
  • Judge Chen has represented victims of race and language discrimination and sought to protect civil rights throughout his legal career;
  • As a federal magistrate judge for the last 9 years, Judge Chen has earned a sterling judicial record and gained the support and respect of all sectors of the bar.
  • Judge Chen received the highest rating possible from the American Bar Association — unanimously well qualified.

Again, time is running out. It is important that Judge Chen be confirmed by the Senate before the August recess.

Your continued support is needed and appreciated.

Visit and show your support by signing the letter today!

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