Film ‘Formosa Betrayed’ Opens Tonight

“A very inspirational movie, Formosa Betrayed, opens tonight,” wrote Raymond Hsu to me in an email.

Asian American political activist and actor Will Tiao combined his experiences and produced a controversial feature film as a Hollywood outsider and is now achieving national theatrical release.

He used the political model to raise grassroots money, then convinced a few Hollywood players to buy in to his message, accepting less than their usual salary. This is a political action thriller starring James Van Der Beek of (Dawson’s Creek) investigating Taiwanese mafia. It won best picture at the San Diego Film Festival, and was the featured film in Sunday’s NY Times. I’m pretty amazed at what he achieved with only 6 million dollars or so.

In the SF area it is opening at Westfield Mall, Berkeley, Cupertino, and Union City.

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