Project by Project SF/Bay Area Picks APA Family Support Services as 2010 Partner Organization

Project by Project SF/Bay Area today announced its selection of APA Family Support Services as its 2010 Partner Organization. This marks the first campaign partnership for PbP SF/Bay Area since the launch of the chapter in September 2009.

The organization’s selection of APA Family Support Services as its partner of choice aligns with Project by Project’s national theme of “Asian Americans and Health Care” for 2010.

APA Family Support Services promotes healthy families and works to prevent child abuse and domestic violence in Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. The nonprofit addresses a variety of Asian immigrant health issues including health disparity, access, awareness, and education through home visitation, parent support, mental health services, and community advocacy and development. All of nonprofit’s services are designed for San Francisco’s most vulnerable population of children and their families.

“PbP is excited to mobilize and empower Asian American professionals in the SF/Bay Area into being active in their community and making an impact through volunteerism,” says Dean Yao, chapter president. “As a national organization, PbP has a track record of connecting people to issues, and we are looking forward to working with APA to create more channels of community involvement. Our volunteers are dedicated, talented and committed to utilizing their skills and resources to improving the health care needs of Asian Americans.”

PbP’s 2010 partnership campaign will focus on increasing APA’s volunteer base, raising the visibility of its mission through various marketing efforts, and supporting funding for its much needed programs.

“Our core program, In-Home Visitation, one of our early prevention programs, is at risk of losing its main funding source due to the current economic downturn that is driving San Francisco city departments’ budget cuts,” says Amor Santiago, APA Executive Director. “With our partnership this year with PbP, we hope to raise funds and bring greater awareness for the importance of this program.” The families that receive APA In-Home Visitation Services often have no other social support system.

The supplemental funds raised through a partnership with PbP will help ensure that low-income monolingual immigrant families in desperate need of the In-Home Program will receive uninterrupted services despite unstable city funding.

APA believes a partnership with PbP will raise awareness to serious health, social and economic issues. Such issues include lack of health care access due to isolation, culture shock and language barriers, poor nutrition due to poverty, and poor ventilation in substandard living situations. Both PbP and APA hope to inspire API’s to take greater social action and address issues like these affecting our local communities.

Project by Project was founded in New York in 1998, expanded to Southern California in 2001, and SF/Bay Area is the third and newest chapter with additional regions in development. Since PbP was founded, it has partnered with 20 organizations and built a volunteer base of more than 1,500 volunteers nationwide. PbP selects a national theme every year with each chapter choosing a local non-profit organization within that theme with whom to partner. The chapter then tailors a year-long campaign to help its fundraising, community outreach, and public awareness efforts.

For more information about volunteer opportunities and upcoming events with Project by Project and APA Family Support Services, visit and

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