Support Ed Chen’s Nomination as Federal Judge

Please help send a letter in support of Magistrate Judge Edward Chen of California, whose nomination by President Obama to the federal court, Northern District of California, has been attacked despite having an excellent record as a judge.

It just takes 15 seconds to send Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada a letter in support of Judge Chen through an online form at

President Obama has to re-nominate Judge Chen this month because the Senate did not take a full vote on the nomination, despite it being approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee. The President originally nominated Judge Chen to the federal court in August 2009 on recommendation from U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein of California.

Judge Chen’s character has been attacked despite his mainstream values and a demonstrated record serving as a balanced, fair and unbiased jurist. He has received extremely positive support from a diverse group of individuals and organizations, including a “Unanimously Well Qualified” rating by the American Bar Association.

Judge Chen’s nomination deserves a straight up-or-down vote in the Senate and you can help make that happen by sending a letter to Harry Reid, the Democratic leader in the Senate.

Complete the very short online form at and your letter with be sent at no expense to you.  The site also has links to more information and ways that you can keep in touch with this effort.

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