Jet Li Looking for Personal Assistant

jet.jpgThe awesome Jet Li is looking for a new personal assistant.

“As you know, I’m have left my current position with Jet, however, I am helping him through the transition until we find a new assistant,” said Jason Lin in an email that reached me through a listserv. “It’s a very unique time to be working with Jet not only because his films keep getting bigger (with Forbidden Kingdom and Mummy 3 releasing later this year) but also he is deeply involved in philanthropy. … I will continue to work with Jet on his foundation but we need someone to carry on the full-time job in the role of the assistant.”

Here’s the job description:


Area of Focus: film, non-profit (in order of work priority)

Location: Based in Asia

Job Description: You are invited to explore the opportunity to learn and work with high level Chinese celebrity/philanthropist and learn the inner workings of the film industry in both the United States and China . The majority of work will involve hands-on involvement in building a world-class foundation from the grounds up. This will involve meetings with numerous high-level business and government officials to build and develop philanthropy in China and on a worldwide basis. Employee will perform all the usual and customary duties of a personal assistant, including, but not limited to, review and respond to correspondence; scheduling appointments; translation of conversations and correspondence; organizing personal matters; and other duties that may be assigned. Please visit to better understand the world of this high level Chinese celebrity/philanthropist.

Desired qualifications:
-Fluent in Mandarin Chinese and English
-Degree from top-tier university with high GPA
-At least 2 years of work experience in consulting, banking, a large multinational, studio or equivalent experience
-Strong attention to detail
-Strong analytical ability
-Ability to follow through with projects and follow instructions as given
-Ability to travel frequently (50%)

Send cover letters and resumes to Jason Lin at


  1. DAVID TURNG says:

    Jet Li’s New Assistant? What do you look for in a new person? What are the responisbilties? How do I get to apply?


  2. tamara filipova says:

    Dear Mr Li, (Jet? if I may), I am coming from a multicultural environment media company based in Prague, Czech Republic; experience in dealing with high profile people all over the world PLUS 10 years of taiji chuan chen 🙂 happy where I am right now but even happier if able to chip in in what you are doing right now….let me know if you think I can be of help. Best, Tamara


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