MANAA Blasts Rob Schneider For Offensive Racial Caricature in Chuck & Larry Movie

4 thoughts on “MANAA Blasts Rob Schneider For Offensive Racial Caricature in Chuck & Larry Movie”

  1. Considering I was thinking of seeing the movie Chuck and Larry, after reading about the comments and racial slurs about Asians, I think not. What I find sad is that Rob Schneider, who has some Asian heritage in him, makes fun of that heritage. I am sure his grandmother would not be pleased. Also I am surprised Kevin James would stand for the slanderous scenes too, since his wife is half Asian herself. Shame on these two actors.


  2. I saw this on TV recently (my TiVo had recorded it as a suggestion) and I thought it was supposed to be a send-up or satire on that sort of racist/homophobic thinking – therefore I did not take it literally or feel they were trying to insult.

    IMHO the whole film was trying to be about confronting homophobia and stereotypes by showing them. Once the person laughs the point is to learn ‘wait why did I laugh at that?,’ ‘do I hold some beliefs that need looking into?,’ etc.

    As a former talent agent I have to say that comedians are taught to make fun of EVERYTHING including their own beliefs and background – the idea being that if you shed some humour into it that maybe people will be able to reflect on it and CHANGE their actual beliefs.

    Did they do a poor job? CERTAINLY because if they had done a good job there wouldn’t be all the cries of racism as people would have got the sarcasm. But were they being intentionally racist? – sorry but I’d argue quite the opposite.

    If I was to take all the comedy shows seriously – making fun of my Filipino/asian heritage, making fun of my ‘newer’ religion, making fun of having a non-American husband and a gay brother-in-law, making fun of my conservative economic beliefs, and a bunch of other things I hold dear – I probably would have off’ed myself a long time ago!!!

    It’s COMEDY (poorly written and executed) but comedy nonetheless and therefore should NOT be taken seriously AT ALL.


  3. Also the whole thing had tons of stereotypes of the average American white male (gay and straight) and nobody seems to be decying that because they are too busy laughing at themselves.

    If you can’t laugh at yourself, then something’s wrong! We could all use a BIG mirror in this society at everything and maybe if we learned to laugh at it we could actually take steps to getting rid of it. IMHO


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